Upon graduating from university, I started what I believed would be a life-long career in HR for financial services firm, Arthur Andersen in the UK. A sudden and unexpected turn of events; the famous Enron scandal meant that I experienced untimely redundancy from my dream career. I turned a crisis into an opportunity and used my redundancy package to travel and relocate. I found myself on the sunny beaches of Australia and whilst there, I discovered my true calling and officially qualified and registered to practice as a Psychologist in 2007. I've worked in the field of Business Psychology since 2005; holding key roles in Career Transition, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Corporate Health & Wellbeing, Personality & IQ Assessment, Team & Leadership Development, Selection, Recruitment & Talent Management. I am a member of many professional associations (scroll below for details) as I consider it important to uphold high ethical and professional standards. Through my memberships, I ensure that my expertise is current and aligned against best practice. I am fully insured as a coach, mentor, consultant, trainer and psychologist.

I have also graduated with at least a couple of certificates in the 'University of Life'; having experienced life changing redundancy, relocated and worked abroad, experienced the challenges of being a professional working mum and the trials and tribulations of divorce and single parenthood. My life experiences have taught me valuable lessons in strength, resilience and adaptability and I developed virtues that got me through the tough times; mindfulness, purpose, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and more. I have learned a lot about happiness and where to find it. Having literally searched every light and dark corner across the globe searching for happiness, I discovered that it has resided within me all along; I just needed to learn how to tap into it. This experience led me to formally study 'Applied Positive Psychology' which is the science of human flourishing and potential. I have combined this with a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology to enhance my expertise in developing and transforming individuals. 


As a qualified Coaching Psychologist, I don't believe in telling you how to do things just because something worked for me. Instead, I prefer to apply evidence based techniques to help you find your own purpose, strength and potential as each and every person in this world is unique. My years of practicing as a Psychologist allows me to tailor my approach to suit you, the individual, in coaching you to achieve whatever it is that you set your mind to. I will ask questions, challenge you, give you feedback, teach you skills if you need them, develop plans, goals and hold you accountable. I thrive on helping people discover their passions and fulfill their potential. Why simply 'be' when you can flourish?



Tia is a Full Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology


A Principal Practitioner Member of the Association for Business Psychology.

A graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

A student member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

A registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. You can look up Tia's registration as a psychologist  here.

Please note Tia's full name is: Fateha Khatun Tia Moin.