Humans are a paradox. If we have too much change too quickly, we can feel threatened yet we become complacent when faced with too little. Change can stimulate feelings of insecurity and fear yet sometimes it is essential, not only for our growth but for our survival. M...

Positive psychology in times of adversity: Surviving covid19 isolation

When I arrived on my coach, Yannick’s doorstep I was like a bird with a broken wing. Two years earlier, I experienced a major personal setback that turned every part of my life upside-down. I had taken great strides in the emotional recovery but I was still working my...


With an increased focus on the Gender Pay Gap and Shared Parental Leave, I feel there’s no better time than the present to change the conversation around parental leave. Currently, it is very much perceived as a ga...

I recently watched a documentary that starred Idris Elba, a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning British actor. He set himself a goal to become a pro kick-boxing fighter within the short timeframe of 12 months. Idris was reasonably fit and he had the support of a pro co...

When I explain to people that I'm a "Positive Psychologist" I am often met with a confused look. What exactly is Positive Psychology? It's totally natural to assume that positive psychology is all about thinking positively, about focusing on the best in situations and...

When I began my training as a Coach, a large portion of time was spent exploring the matter of whether coaching was a form of 'Therapy through the Back Door'. Some clients have even asked me, do I need to lie on a couch? The answer is definitely not  - unless you're fe...

It's understandable to be a little confused about what type of 'talking service' you might need; even researchers fail to agree on where to draw the line between Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling. The fact is that there is overlap between these services and you will...

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