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Career Guidance, Skill Development & Job Search

Do you feel satisfied in your career? You might be considering a promotion or you may have some challenges coming up in your existing role. You may even be considering a complete change and need help discovering a new career direction. Whatever the case, my skills as a Business Psychologist and Coach and extensive experience in the field of Psychometric Assessment and Development can help you hone your skills and fulfill your career goals.

As part of your career development, you may seeking to develop certain skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Relationship Building, Planning and Organising to name a few. I can design a development program tailored to your needs and support you in closing critical gaps. 

With specialist expertise in psychometric assessment, I can incorporate the use of personality, values, strengths and cognitive ability assessments commonly used by corporate organisations to help you gain insight into your style and abilities and determine key priorities for development.

I can also support you in the practical aspects of a new job search, including resume writing, interview skills, preparing for assessment centres and negotiating a salary.