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Below are a range of coaching packages on offer that may meet a specific need you have. These give you a clear idea of the outcomes you could expect and the investment required. 

Coaching packages are a great birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, baby or retirement gift! Having the opportunity to talk through options with a neutral, objective professional is invaluable when approaching any major life milestone and can have a lasting, positive impact on someone's quality of life. So if you're after a meaningful gift for a loved one, please don't hesitate to enquire.

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(30 minutes)

I strive to give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need at rates they are comfortable with paying. It's important that you feel confident in my abilities as a coach and to ensure that we can establish a good working relationship.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet you to see if we can build an effective working relationship to help you achieve your goals and explore options for working together.

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£195 (2 hrs)

Do you have a burning issue that you can't quite figure out on your own? It may be an important decision that you need to make with a range of options you need to consider. This power session will follow the 'GROW' model and you will leave with a clear 'SMART' action plan.

Sail Boat


£285 (3 Sessions)

Are you unclear on life direction? Do you feel like you're on a treadmill going nowhere? Is life making you feel uneasy and uncertain? This program will help you identify your key values, strengths and resources and define your purpose and mission in life.



£395 (5 sessions)

Do you feel like there's no way out of a particular situation that you're in? Are you avoiding a change that seems big and scary? Are your beliefs about something holding you back?
This package will help you to understand your potential limiting beliefs and open your mind to new opportunities and resources.



3 month package (£190 monthly)
6 month package (£175 monthly)
12 month package (£150 monthly)

Do you have some goals you want to achieve? Whether it's planning a trip or adventure, finding a new love, moving somewhere new, losing weight, working through a life challenge, - a coach can help you define your mission, plan and strategise, get in the right mindset, set targets, take action, identify challenges, re-evaluate and most importantly support you when you're down, cheer you on and hold you accountable! :)

Family Fun


£395 (5 Sessions)

If you're on parental leave and are thinking about the transition back into work, then this is the package for you. Gain career clarity, get organised, rediscover your strengths and build confidence.

Together at the Top


Price on Application 
(or ask your company to sponsor the service - full proposal can be provided)

Are you seeking a promotion or a new job? Do you have an important work challenge coming up? Are you facing redundancy? You may be seeking to develop some skills before managing your next role or challenge. I can support with career planning and transition, job search skills including CV, interview, assessment centres and salary negotiations. 

For skills development, we can incorporate psychometric assessment and use the results as a basis to develop a Personal Development Plan covering areas such as Planning and Organising, Communication, Leadership, Work Life Balance and Stress Management, for example.



£285 (3 sessions)

Are you walking a tightrope between work and home and struggling to maintain a balance? In this program, we will first determine your long and short-term priorities before we get to work on identifying your key challenge areas. 

Coaching can not only help you get organised, but help you reframe your thinking and learn the skills needed to transition from work to home more smoothly so that you can focus on the things that really matter.

Support Group


(6 sessions includes emotional intelligence assessment)

Do you experience difficulty relating to people? Do you want to experience a deeper connection with others? Do you find you are often 'butting heads' with other people? Do you want to get a better grasp on your own feelings and emotions? 

This package is designed to enhance your Emotional Intelligence and strengthen your interpersonal skills. You will have the opportunity to complete an emotional intelligence assessment to determine key areas for development. Together we will develop your emotional vocabulary and practice skills and techniques to enhance your ability to form an emotional connection with others.



Price on Application
(full proposal provided)

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner with expertise in Talent Management and Career Development, I believe in applying the science of human flourishing to the workplace to help individuals feel happy and engaged at work. This could be in the form of a workshop, team development day or individual coaching sessions. Most organisations agree that a happy employee means greater engagement and performance. If you are interested in learning how Positive Psychology Interventions can help to engage your workforce and improve their performance and potential, then please get in touch for a proposal.

If none of these packages meet your needs I'd be happy to explore a bespoke package that does. Coaching can also be organised on a 'Pay as You Go' basis. Simply give me a call to discuss.