It is natural for individuals to feel intergroup anxiety (a form of social apprehensiveness) when engaging with people from diverse and unfamiliar backgrounds. According to Fredrickson’s Broaden-and-build Theory, negative affect has the potential to impede openness and curiosity to new experiences, such as meeting new people and establishing new relationships.

In this coaching model, we leverage the benefits of positive affect, strengths and intrinsic motivation to enhance self-awareness, self-efficacy and commitment to social diversity and inclusion goals.

Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC) is defined as coaching that leverages both coaching psychology and positive psychology principles that have “a shared focus on unlocking potential, building on people’s strengths, enhancing subjective wellbeing and supporting sustainable optimal functioning” (van Nieuwerburgh & Oades, 2017, p.100).

Pre-Coaching Requisites:

  • Coaching Readiness Questionnaire

  • VIA Questionnaire


  • Individual coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Virtual

  • Face to face

Coaching Outcomes:

Individuals should build their commitment and confidence in approaching members of diverse populations. Participants will likely experience enhanced wellbeing and satisfaction, and ideally the benefits of a positive upward spiral from building further social resources.