Below are standard investment rates for coaching sessions.

You can pay upfront to benefit from a lower hourly rate or alternatively you can pay as you go. 

Sessions are requested to be paid for in advance via bank transfer. 

Payment plans can be organised upon request.

Special Offers

I offer reduced price coaching for students, parents on leave and for those on a low income.

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Terms and Conditions

"The Small Print"

  • Coaching is a professional relationship based on mutual respect and trust entered into by mutual agreement. By engaging in a coaching discussion, you agree to discuss matters that pertain to the achievement of your goals and objectives.

  • I will offer you a safe, non-judgmental space in which to explore your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

  • At times, I may question and challenge you; this is part of the coaching process and will be performed with the utmost respect for your feelings.

  • As a registered professional, I am bound by a Code of Ethics to protect your safety and wellbeing and I will always act with your best interests in mind.

  • While services may include elements of counselling, coaching is not a substitute for therapy and this is not my area of expertise. If such a need arises within the context of coaching then I will discuss the matter with you and we can explore potential avenues for appropriate professional support together if desired.
  • Coaching is not intended to offer you advice in any matters and specifically relating to legal, financial, spiritual, relationship or professional matters. All decisions taken should be your own and support can be provided to find appropriate advisory professionals if so desired.

  • If our discussion entails mentoring, consulting, training or other services, then I will make this clear at the outset of our discussion.

  • Any personal details you provide to me will be used strictly for the purpose for which they were intended upon disclosure and will be securely stored to prevent access from unauthorised individuals in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  • I write down very limited notes throughout the sessions for the purpose of reminding myself of your details and circumstances so that I can provide you with a continuity of service across coaching sessions. If you prefer that I don't write something down you are within your rights to request this. Session notes will be destroyed upon termination of the coaching contract.

  • All discussions will remain confidential and your personal details and information will not be shared with anyone without your written consent. The only exceptions to confidentiality include the following;

    • ​Situations in which you indicate your intention to harm yourself or another person. In this case, confidentiality may be breached in order to ensure the safety of involved parties.

    • If information is subpoenaed by a court of law; communication between a Coach and Client is not considered 'priveleged'. 

    • If you provide written consent for me to share your information or details with another party.