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Embrace Life’s Challenges


Are you approaching a major life milestone? Have you experienced a major setback or disappointment? Are you feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment? Are you simply feeling stagnant and seeking a change? Whatever the case, it's natural and advisable to take stock and gain clarity on your sense of purpose and life direction. Life Coaching can help you identify your goals and develop action plans so that you can work towards fulfilling your potential. Coaching offers you clarity, support and unconditional positive regard. Think of time spent in a coaching session as a "spa session" for the mind; indulging, rejuvenating and clarifying your thoughts and feelings. Don't get too comfortable though,  just as a deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable while the 'knots' are worked out, coaching can be exactly the same! Rest assured, ultimately you should feel better than when you first came in.

Coaching is a space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and underlying drivers. My role as a coach is to offer you a safe, non-judgemental and supported space in which you can do this. I will help you organise your conscious thoughts but also help you to bring your unconscious thoughts to the surface and make sense of them. I will help you gain perspective and insight into your situation so that you can explore your future options and opportunities with clarity. Once you have identified your options, I will work with you to establish an action plan and together we can build accountability and review your progress against your plans and goals.

In terms of my approach, I will adopt a range of different coaching styles to suit your personality and requirements; you may be action focused, or more of a deep, exploratory thinker. Whatever your style, I will let you take the lead, and set the tone and pace. We will always agree on outcomes together and ensure that we establish realistic plans, goals and outcomes.​