Coaching, Counselling or Mentoring?

It's understandable to be a little confused about what type of 'talking service' you might need; even researchers fail to agree on where to draw the line between Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling. The fact is that there is overlap between these services and you will come across coaches who also mentor, mentors who coach, and therapists who coach for example.

The main difference is that each can have very different skill sets and qualifications so one might be better placed to help you than the other. There are also different ethical considerations to take into account depending on what kind of service you are receiving, for example it would be unethical of a coach to offer therapy if they are untrained or to offer you advice in an area they were not qualified in. This could put your own wellbeing and safety at risk if they don't have the right skills, qualifications or knowledge to help you. It would also be risky for someone to advise you on legal, financial or medical matters if they are not experts in these fields, for example. A person who is appropriately qualified is likely to be overseen by a regulatory professional body who holds them accountable to service standards.

So if you are seeking help with a personal issue, to help you decide whether it's a Coach, Mentor or Counsellor that you need, follow the Decision Making Chart below. Keep in mind that you might need someone who offers an overlap of services and seek someone appropriately qualified;

About the Author:

Tia Moin, is a Coaching Psychologist who specialises in Positive Psychology and Business Psychology. She is a Member of the British Psychological Society (incuding the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology) and the Association for Business Psychology. As a dual citizen of Australia and the UK, Tia is also a Registered Psychologist in Australia. She is currently completing a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Psychology. Ethics is at the forefront of her mind when practicing, she is fully insured and guarantees professionalism in her approach. Tia is trained to offer coaching services, as well as professional development and career guidance coaching.