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Crowd Applausing

"I had been struggling with indecision over which career path to pursue but thanks to Tia’s coaching and highly perceptive questioning, my confusion and inertia was replaced with clarity and specific steps to help move me closer to my goals. Her positive yet pragmatic attitude helped me to reframe my situation and explore my options. Thanks to Tia I was able to take a holistic view of my life and come to conclusions that were congruent with my core values. I was left feeling optimistic and energised with the knowledge that I have the agency to create the life I want."

Rebecca, Teaching Professional

Wild Path

"Tia's coaching was exactly what I needed as I seriously undertook the challenge of writing inter-related SMART goals for myself: something I have attempted on numerous occasions and never seen through. Through her suggested techniques and encouragement (over 3 scheduled sessions, and in a time of my great busyness and distraction) she enabled me to develop confidence that (with some specific practice over the period of a number of days) I am able to access my dreams and preferences at a deep level (something I had doubted I could do). This provided me with an excellent platform for tackling goal setting. I feel satisfied with my progress in writing useful goals and (through Tia's support and suggestions) am confident that I will be effective in refining, implementing and monitoring them to achieve what I want, across work and personal aspects of my life. It was a great pleasure to work with Tia and she will be my go-to coach, if need be, in the future."

Joanne, HR Consultant

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

"I got out of the session totally motivated and cheered up, the techniques Tia used were very useful and I still use them when I need a dose of positive thinking!!"

Team member @ The Mill, Creative Media Agency, London

Sky Scrapers

"The coaching gave me a positive and motivational space to reflect upon key obstacles to my career progression and enabled me to address specific elements over a set time, ensuring I move forward in my journey. The models used during coaching both challenged and motivated me to really consider and draw out what my core value base is and devise a clear career pathway in line with this. As such, I feel far more confident and capable to take the next step knowing they will be congruent with my value base and allow me to derive true meaning from my chosen career. Tia's upbeat and supportive approach was the pivotal factor in this and I would highly recommend her coaching to others who are facing a career crossroad. What may have taken me years to work out took a mere few, hardworking and focused weeks with Tia's help!"

Jodi, Policy & Research Professional

Business Growth

"Great listening skills... can get people into "flow" therefore having a excellent experience. Tia offers excellent coaching services, she really has the valuable skill of empathy which made me feel very comfortable during the coaching sessions.  I cannot recommend more highly her professional services."

Sofia, Data Scientist

Stones of Meaning

“Tia is a fantastic coach! Working with her has really helped me to focus on my goals in life, become more confident and understand not only my own behaviour but that of others around me. She is caring, empathetic, and insightful; an extremely talented and skilled professional who possesses a high degree of emotional intelligence. Her ability to listen and understand makes it possible for Tia to ask probing questions in such a way that the outcome is an honest dialogue that produces productive and positive results. I’m truly grateful for the help and support she has given to help me overcome my obstacles.”

Sally, Civil Servant

Business Meeting

"Very useful and I would recommend to anyone no matter what stage you are in your career."

Anonymous, Banking Professional

Vintage Bookstore

"Tia is very professional and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease straight away in our first session. She is very passionate about working with you to help you get where you want to be, which I found energising. I very much enjoyed being coached by her and would recommend her to others looking for a coach."

Vicky, Marketing Professional

Walking Down the Stairs

"Two years ago in my capacity as a team leader..., I had the good fortune to be referred to Tia Moin for coaching in communication and leadership skills... I was initially doubtful that I could gain any benefit from such coaching but was pleasantly surprised by Tia’s disarming style, insight and professional approach.

She initially provided me reassurance that I wasn’t on corporate death row and over several sessions made me aware of my leadership potential and how I could improve the way I was interacting with other people in order to bring the best out of them and develop their potential.

Some water has gone under the bridge since then but I can honestly say my personal confidence and ability to contribute to the organisations I work for has been greatly and enduringly enhanced. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tia as a personal coach, psychologist and counselor to any prospective client or organisation."

Bevan, Medical Supplies Industry Professional

Shoe Sculpture

"I'm so grateful for all your support through out this academic year, I really couldn't have done as well as I did without you and our sessions (I got a high first!!!!!) Most importantly, you've taught me skills for coping with stress and anxiety that I have for life now!"

Student, Mentored via B.I.T.T Services