Get the Most out of Life

Do you feel as if you're spending more time on work and chores that you want to? Are you struggling to make time for the things in your life that really matter? Is work taking over your life? Are you feeling stressed, tired and lacking energy?

While we should expect technology to support the boundaries between work and life, it can often be counter-productive and causes the line to become less clear. It requires action and discipline on your part to maintain this boundary and this is difficult to master. It's not just about identifying your priorities and managing your time, it's also about developing the skills needed to manage other people and their demands.  Technology has also had a huge impact on the amount of 'down-time' the human mind experiences, leading to excessive strain and pressure and an inability to 'switch off'. Learning the art of calming and focusing the mind is a skill that needs to be learned. Learning to respond positively to negative events and situations is also a skill that needs to be learned. Your approach may need to change depending on your short and long term goals and therefore it's helpful to identify whether your situation is temporary or ongoing, and whether it's serving a purpose.

Positive Psychology Coaching can not only help you get organised, but help you focus on the things that really matter so that you can make healthy changes to your lifestyle and wellbeing.